Local Activities Realized in Alba, Italy

The phase of Local Activities II was coordinate by Claudio Boano, who participated in the first meeting in Guatemala (he is also the general coordinator of the project for the association), Andrei Ginju and Nicolò Lepore, who were the two participants of the Mobility of Youth Workers in Malaga for our organization.
The day 4th of June 2017 we organized a full day of activities in the headquarter of our Association where we did all the 4 workshops (social urban art, integral health of the urban artist, urban art and social pedagogy) from 10 am to 7.30 pm.

The workshop about Health was given by Mirco Arione, an expert of this subject, graduated in physiotherapy.

The Urban Art workshops was held by Bboy Rufy, a professional Bboy from Torino, also working in our association, Brown, an hip hop dancer with many and many years of experience, and Dj Zaaa that is one of the Dj pioneer in our territory.

Andrei and Nicolo’ provided the Social Urban Art and Claudio held the Social Pedagogy workshop.

We had more than 15 participants during the day, and all of them were surprised aboutthe project and the workshops. They appreciate so much the fact that all the activities were interesting, developed in a dynamic and participative way.

On the 29th of June 2017 we organized the final event of the project: “Make the Streets Happy”. It was a Hip Hop Jam with all the 4 artistic elements of the Hip Hop Culture. We did it in the H-Zone, which is the Youth Centre of our City, we appreciate a lot the fact that they gave us the place and also they were happy to help us with this event. A lot of people came to enjoy the party, dance, talk and support us; we decided also to take some minutes to promote and spread knowledge about UA&SE Project and the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. People reacted in a very positive way and they were interested about the meaning and aims of the Projects and what we did.