Local Activities Realized in Lisbon, Portugal

After the return of the training in Malaga and after the local activity 1, Young artists were involved in preparing the local activities 2. Decisions were made to organize the workshops and happy street, closer to the date in which the Cultural Association Moinho da Youth performs its biggest event called Kova M Festival at the end of July. During this time the Young Artists remodeled the music studio, had some meetings to prepare for our workshops that were held on July 26, 27, 28, 29 and 30.

In this context the young artists were able to put into practice some of the skills they acquired in Málaga, in a real work context that is the realization of the festival, which lasts from preparation until its completion in a total of 6 months. However, in parallel with the festival, it was possible to hold the following workshop: Event Production Workshop, Artist Career Management workshop, Social Entrepreneurship workshop on the community and special, together with other young people and adults who are not artists, And we also did some happy street activities.

However young artists are rappers, graffiters and others, they have seen the harsh reality that urban art artists have great difficulty in making their art their way of life, on the contrary many work regularly, and with the salary of their work they sustain their passion for urban art.

The UA&SE project was disseminated throughout the entire phase of the project, mainly in this stage of local activity 2. We spread through people contacts and through the internet, e-mail, youtube, etc. And due to the tight time, we had to adapt the project to the local situation, that is to say we also had other artists of styles of African music and dance art. We invited external trainers, that is to say we had other entities that collaborate with the project, such as Zulu Nation, security service professional, guest graffiti from Cape Verde, we had young people and animators from different nationalities, such as Portugal, Brazil, Cape Verde, Angola , Sao Tome and Principe.

Urban art artists who have had the opportunity to participate in the UA&SE project have learned and demonstrated the skills that have been outlined as a project objective. They learned found rising skills, how to organize an event, how to legalize their work situation with finance (IRS), how to manage an artistic career, how to run a music studio, how to conduct a street activity (happy street). The young artists could also demonstrate the skills acquired through their participation in the team that organized the Kova M Festival event.