Local Activities Realized in Nicosia, Cyprus

The Local Activities phase II was designed, coordinated and implemented by the T.E.A.M. Hip Hop Collective Center, from Nicosia. At the time of design, we considered that all activities have been unified over several consecutive days so that participants can participate in all of them. Therefore, during Sunday 4th June, all the workshops (social urban art, integrated urban health, urban art and social pedagogy, artistic evolution in urban art) were performed during the day. Each workshop has been taught by two different participants (urban artists) of the mobility of youth workers organized in this project.

To see how urban artists developed themselves as instructors on issues that were unknown to them 6 months ago, it was very positive and satisfying. In the implementation of these workshops we could verify that they acquired and assimilated the knowledge, skills and attitudes they offered during this project.
The evaluation of the artists who participated in these workshops was very positive and valuable to them as the content was taught as well as the methodology they used. They appreciated it because they were very informative, dynamic and analytical in every subject.

On July 4th, TEAM materialized the final event of this project under the name “Real Eyes” at Slatyriko Theater of Vladimiros Kafkaridis in Aglantzia where we presented the themes we had prepared in the workshops and showed how the machine of the political system works in the world in general to awaken each viewer during the project. (Through the four elements that make up the hip-hop culture). During the whole event, the viewers were left excited about how we were able to show with our art this aspect of the society that is hidden while it is obvious in front of everyone’s eyes. Initially, we gave general information about the UA&SE project and in the end we presented the project’s photographs to the public. We invited them to get more information and follow us on the internet and social networks of this project. People left the theater excited and gave us very positive feedback on our work.