UA&SE Training Course Diary Day 18: 28 February 2017

Today our participants left our Training. It was the time for saying good bye and see you soon to everybody. After 18 days all together it is not so easy to come back to daily life and routine. However, we know that all of us we come back with new ideas, more motivated, and with many new competences to put into practice. Local Activities II are getting to start and we will see how participants can deal and implement the four workshops in their countries.

Málaga is waiting for you whenever you want! See you soon and thank you for your active participation!

UA&SE Training Course Diary Day 17: 27 February 2017

Today has been the last day of training for our participants of the Mobility of Youth Workers “Urban Art & Social Entrepreneurship”.

We started the day discovering the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union and reflecting about European Union and the fact that more than 70 years old we were involved in a World War. Basic information about Youth exchanges, European Voluntary Service and Mobility of Youth Workers, Capacity Building and Sport projects was given, as well as about the Creative Europe Programme.

We explained also how to apply for projects and how a project cycle is. Finally, a networking session started, where interesting ideas for future projects appeared, and the eight key competences and Youthpass certificate were defined.

During the afternoon, it was the time for final evaluation where we used different dynamics, tools and methods based on non-formal education. The final video with images from all the Training was very emotional.

UA&SE Training Course Diary Day 16: 26 February 2017

The day of the final visibility event of our project has arrived.
After the preparation and reconditioning of the space, we could open the door and let local population enjoying workshops about urban art. In particular we had a workshop of hip hop, a workshop of breakdance, two workshops of graffiti (one basic and one advanced) and one workshop about rap and music composition.

During the afternoon, we could enjoy with a big show of urban art, dancers were in the Auditorium for a contest and during the breaks our rap singer, Eskarnia and Julia Martín presented their showcases, outside we had our graffiti writers and in the entrance members of our team were providing information about the project, Erasmus+ programme of the European Union and how urban art can be used as a tool for social entrepreneurship and inclusion. 

A great dayeven if the commong feeling was that the training is almost finished and it’s time for saying goodbye to all local urban artist and population our participants know during their stay.

UA&SE Training Course Diary Day 15: 25 February 2017

Our saturday starts with presentation of workshops each groups created for Local Activities II.  After it and suggestions of the trainer, participants had time to reflect on it and making some adjustments. Trainer also had time for explaining the methodology behind learning games. Participants did a big effort on it, they designed workshops about topics that for some of them were unknown at the beginning of the training. Results are really valuable. Finally, the day ended with some general reflections about urban art and its connection with social field.

UA&SE Training Course Diary Day 14: 24 February 2017

Today we use the energizer “Cadena del saludo” for starting the day. Participants need to stay in circle and say hi to the person on their right side using a specific movement. The next should repeat the same movement/gesture and add a new one.

Today participants continue to work on the four workshops of Local Activities II, using a very interesting tool for it, the methdological sheet. Even if some of the participants have experience in being teachers they didn’t know it.

At the time of implementing an activity is essential to take into coinsideration, purpose, main objectives and to plan how to reach it through different activities.

During the afternoon, participants went to La Caja Blanca, to see the venue where they are going to carry out the visibility activity of Sunday the 26th. When you organize or take part in a event is important to know the space in advance and consider all your needs. We establiched the rooms for each workshop and we decided how to decorate it. 

Today is also time for the last intercultural night of the training. Italy and Cyprus have to present their typical food and songs. Italians brough Nutella whose main entreprise/owner cames from their town, Andrei also brought typical food from Rumania as it’s his home country and then they showed pictures of Italy and sang the famous song “Bella ciao”. Cyprus participants brought cheese and homemade sausages and showed a video of their country.

UA&SE Training Course Diary Day 13: 23 February 2017

After the great visibility activity of yesterday, the day starts with the energizer “Sigueme”, where one of the participants makes choreography to activate the whole group and others have to follow him/her. Subsequently, the Manager of cultural services and events Antonio Troyano, introduces his professional expertise on how to make a plan, organize, and celebrate an event. The main point he mentions are:

  1. Being creative;
  2. Having a diagnosis of the work;
  3. Know the beneficiaries and adapt to them;
  4. Experience is fundamental;
  5. Establish clear goals and methods to measure success and return on investment.

It’s interesting that participants can put it into practice during the final event of UA&SE Training Course and for local activities II they will do in their countries. During the afternoon, participants divided into small groups, started to work on the four workshops they will implement in their countries. Workshops are about social pedagogy, social inclusion and transformation, healthy lifestyle and risk prevenion, and different techniques of urban art.

UA&SE Training Course Diary Day 12: 22 February 2017

Today the person in charge of the training sessions is ElAlfil (Borja), one of the famous graffiti artist of Málaga, aslo gratuated in marketing and economics. He started asking simple questions to participants like “What do you like to do? What would you like to do for the rest of your life? What do the others need from you?” Then he gives some guidelines to the group about marketing and graphic design.

As practical activity each participant created its own graphic line, visual identity. Some of them already had one and they asked for suggestions, whilst other did it for the first time. It was interesting how ideas came up. Finally, the trainer underlined that to work well it is necessary to create a positive environment where people trust each other. 

Tonight it’s time for another visibility event of our project “Urban Art & Social Entrepreneurship”. Participants are warming up and waiting for the public.

UA&SE Training Course Diary Day 11: 21 February 2017

Today the training sessions took place in the headquarter of Iniciativa Internacional Joven. We started with an energizer proposed by one of the participant, it’s called “pelea de gallos” and the main aim is to motivate others.

The trainer introduces the space where we are and the Cultural Centre “El Cónsul” that was born as a social project for the inclusion of Gypsy children and young people. She spoke about the history of the centre and how it progressed from small summer camps to a professionalised NGO with several local, national and internacional projects.

Subsequently, each participant has to choose the closest value to him/her, she/he has to write it on a paper and leave it on the ground. After having chosen their value, they have to create groups of 4 people to put together similar values. After that, they make a social project having as a basis the values they chose with guidelines on name, slogan, place, activities, and they need to expose it. Last but not least, the expert entrepreneurial technician Daniel Núñez explains how to build a company and underlying that creativity is the main element to take into account.

During the afternoon we had a workshop about creative thinking and the way and things we can do to improve it. Today we learnet that creative is not just the base of urban art but also of social entrepreneurship in general.

UA&SE Training Course Diary Day 10: 20 February 2017

Today we are at Málaga Inturjoven Youth Hostal where we will held some of the sessions of the Training Course. We started with a mid-term evaluation using the following criteria:

  • Training sessions
  • Participation (individual or group)
  • Activities made out
  • Logistic aspects (food, accommodation)

Once they finish, they have to go to the centre of the room and expose their conclusions. Participants liked the venue of La Noria and training sessions of the first week. We did not have so much free time and they would like to enjoy more with local population, however they underline that they are learning a lot. 

To continue, the social worker Antonio Poleo talks about gender equality, culture of peace and standards of ethics. He speaks about the difference between sex and gender and between social and biological differences. He argues that everybody is influenced along their life, both positive and negative. Then he proposes a game: on the left side they need to put the names and images of negative aspects, whereas on the right side the positive ones. Then, they have to say an adjective for each letter of their name.  The message he wants to share is that we need to give value to ourselves, as well as we do with the others. Ultimately, the Spanish participants did a summary about the details of the event Contenedor, which will take place in Málaga University on Wednesday.

During the afternoon an experienced nurse came for speaking about the risks linked to their jobs, and how to prevent certain situations. For instance, the djs may have problems because of the high level of music and graffiti writers problems in their hands and fingers because of spray can. She suggests good alimentation, yoga and meditation to relax the body and the mind.

UA&SE Training Course Diary Day 9: 19 February 2017

DAY 9: 19/02/2017 

Today was time to change the accommodation and venue of our Training Course. We say goodbye to “La Noria”, which is a beautilful environment for making this kind of activities and we went to Málaga Inturjoven Youth Hostal. After discovering the place and the neighborhood, our participants could visit Málaga city centre and its main monuments. According to the programme we had an activity at Málaga Stake Park but bad weather conditions canceled it. During the night big rainings arrived to Málaga (one of the worst in the last 30 years), so instead of it we gave time to prepare the event on 22nd of February and then free time for participants.