UA&SE Training Course Diary Day 2: 12 February 2017


Today is time for presentations and to get to know each other’s. Through different dynamics and games it was very easy for all participants to remember all other names. We could discover that the group is composed by people with different ages and experiences, which is a positive thing as they can learn from each other. After coffee-break we presented “Urban Art & Social Entrepreneurship” project, its phases, the main objectives and activities of this Mobility of Youth Workers and the communication plan. The group created also its own rules and how it works the multilingual panel has been explained.

To close the first part of the day, participants wrote down their expectations, fears and contributions and they shared it with the rest of the group. We hope to cover all of them during their stay in Málaga.

During the afternoon participants presented their sending organisations (history, aims, activities and target group) and we discovered very interesting activities and new ideas we can implement or adapt for our country/organisation.