UA&SE Training Course Diary Day 3: 13 February 2017

DAY 3: 13/02/2017 

After starting the day with the energizer “popcorn”, our first activity aimed at elaborating the individual path that led the participants and the trainers to this training course. Therefore, each of them marked the most important events of their life in relation to Hip Hop Culture and social work on a huge poster. Even though each story was very different and some started already in the early 90s and some only a few years ago, elements that were mentioned very often were for example the first attempt on hip hop dance, famous dancers who inspired them on their path, graffiti and the wish to positively influence their environment. After everyone shared their journey we had a small debriefing and evaluation, with the conclusion also non-formal education/experience in a non-professional environment are very important and worthy.

We continued our program with an outdoor activity called “One step forward”, in which we transformed ourselves into people of different social privilege and opportunities in order to reflect on how our goals depend on what we already achieved and how offering the same opportunities to everyone does not necessarily mean equality. Then, we learnt more about the historical evolution of different social systems in Europe and Central/South America, to educate ourselves about former mistakes in order not to repeat history!

After lunch and another energizer called “Do you like your neighbours” we started the social module with presentations on Social Transformation and thought models. In this part we also included another activity, in which we first built groups while being blindfolded and then by seeing which role was put on each other’s back, to underline again the effect of privilege and prejudices. Next up we were talking about social projects, with focus on the phases of organizing such a project. Following that, each group of participants held a presentation about the social obstacles, especially in the youth, their home country (France, Guatemala, Italy, Cyprus, Spain, Portugal) is facing. 

In the end of the day, after dinner the cultural night of France and Portugal started. The participants from France and Portugal shared their cuisine, made presentations about their countries and we played a game to learn more about France.