UA&SE Training Course Diary Day 4: 14 February 2017

DAY 4: 14/02/2017

We started the day with creating our “letters of love”, which we put in our main class room and in which everyone could put some nice words on this day of love, to spread positive energy and for the group connection! After that we continued the social module by reviewing the results of yesterday’s presentations, which showed that the most common social problems in our environment are drug consumption, bullying/violence, unemployment and NEET (people who are Not in Employment, Education or Training). Next we divided ourselves into four groups, in order to design an example project, each in relation to one of these issues. We saw a presentation on the formalities of designing and applying for a social project, which documents to fill in and what to put the focus on (Skills, Resources, Sustainability etc). Then we worked in the groups on our projects and after lunch we started the so-called contest “love changes lives”, in which each group presented their project and the jury formed by the trainers and one member of each group decided whether the project would be approved or not. By judging the title, the objectives, beneficiaries, finance, evaluation, visibility and many more realistic factors, they came to the conclusion that every team made a great effort and even though the group dealing with drug addiction won the contest, every group reached the amount of points for the project to be “approved”! In this activity we learned a lot about how to organize social projects and even though there is still a lot to learn and improve, we were very happy with the results of this social module.