UA&SE Training Course Diary Day 5: 15 February 2017

DAY 5: 15/02/2017

After a fun energizer to get our minds working we started the psychology module. We had the pleasure of hosting two professionals from the University of Málaga who were speaking and showing with activities the importance of emotional intelligence, how to manage and influence emotions and how to make use of these skills in our social work. We learned about different tools like for example the “mood meter” and in different exercises every participant practiced their expression of emotions through body language, facial expression and language. Also we’ve learnt how to give and receive feedback in a better way of communication. As a result of this morning we concluded that especially in the social field, where your goal is to help others, the knowledge and control of emotions is a very important factor of how efficient and sustainable the impact of your work will be.

After lunch, we went to Soho and Lagunillas to see how street art changed marginal neighborhoods of Málaga. In Lagunillas we went also to the facilities of association Incide Málaga where  our first visibility event took place. We met with a group of flamenco musicians and realized our event with their collaboration. On our first event of the project “Convivencia Flamenco & Hip Hop” we experienced the fusion of flamenco and hip hop by a jam. People from Málaga attended to our first event and we’ve invited them to our next events.