UA&SE Training Course Diary Day 7: 17 February 2017

DAY 7: 17/02/2017 

Today the professionalization module began. Roberto Cantero (Sax Musician and pioner of hip hop), WAS (graffiti artist) , Eskarnia (Rap Singer) and Julia Martin (Singer) from Málaga who professionalized themselves in music production, graffiti, rapping and singing shared a presentation of how they first started in their profession and how they accomplished to make their living from that.

All of them started when they were very young, in their teenage years, and at the beginning only pursued their passion as a hobby. In their different fields, they faced different difficulties: Roberto Cantero, our music producer was first very interested in Hip Hop culture and music, but had to learn more also about other styles in order to find enough clients. Now he is touring with famous groups around the world.

Our graffiti professional, WAS, one of the first graffiti writers of Málaga that started during the 80s, had to face financial issues in the beginning since the sprays are so expensive, the learning process needs a lot of money, so he had to offer free graffiti in exchange for the materials at first. Now he is doing paid graffiti all over Spain.

Julia Martin, a singer/songwriter, told us about her path from singing with a band on the streets over gaining independence from others and now earning money with booked performances. Her main message was you have to believe yourself and should not depend on others while following your dream! Also Eskarnia (Elena Casanueva), a female Spanish rapper from Málaga, spoke about how to earn money with your music, for example by protecting yourself with a copyright organisation. In general we learned that you have to start small, put in a lot of effort, and it will take time and a lot of energy until you can earn a salary in Hip Hop related fields, but it can be possible if you don’t give up. They also underline the importance of being a good professional, formal and committed.

After lunch the day continued with a music workshop with a local music teacher, in which we learned the basics of reading notes, using our voice, bodies and simple instruments in order to create music individually or together and how to use music as a tool in our activities.

With the cultural night of Guatemala and Spain, we finished the day by learning about the cuisine, culture and different information from both countries.