UA&SE Training Course Diary Day 8: 18 February 2017

DAY 8: 18/02/2017 

It’s time for a small “official” feedback evaluation of our first week in the training course. The most discussed negative issues where the language barrier since some participants don’t really speak English, and that sometimes the activities start too late or finish late so there is not enough time to relax, but also positive remarks were made, like good organisation and good content. We realized that on most of the issues we can work ourselves, and that we have to put our effort so the training course will be successful for everyone.

Then we began the pedagogical module of the course, with a small brainstorming about what even is pedagogy. After we learned about the definition, how pedagogy is a combination of the sciences of philosophy, history, sociology, psychology and politics, about different models of learning types like for example Kolb’s model or Hermanns brain quadrants, the differences between formal, informal and non-formal education and in general a lot of theoretical background. Also we saw that teaching can be a good way to professionalize us in relation to our hip hop talent!  Eventually we got to the formal part of how to organize and propose a non-formal workshop, and we were divided into groups relating to our profession/talent and thought of an example workshop and had to write it in the correct form.

During the afternoon  we implemented our workshops and in the evening we shared our results and feedbacks about our experiences.