UA&SE Training Course Diary Day 10: 20 February 2017

Today we are at Málaga Inturjoven Youth Hostal where we will held some of the sessions of the Training Course. We started with a mid-term evaluation using the following criteria:

  • Training sessions
  • Participation (individual or group)
  • Activities made out
  • Logistic aspects (food, accommodation)

Once they finish, they have to go to the centre of the room and expose their conclusions. Participants liked the venue of La Noria and training sessions of the first week. We did not have so much free time and they would like to enjoy more with local population, however they underline that they are learning a lot. 

To continue, the social worker Antonio Poleo talks about gender equality, culture of peace and standards of ethics. He speaks about the difference between sex and gender and between social and biological differences. He argues that everybody is influenced along their life, both positive and negative. Then he proposes a game: on the left side they need to put the names and images of negative aspects, whereas on the right side the positive ones. Then, they have to say an adjective for each letter of their name.  The message he wants to share is that we need to give value to ourselves, as well as we do with the others. Ultimately, the Spanish participants did a summary about the details of the event Contenedor, which will take place in Málaga University on Wednesday.

During the afternoon an experienced nurse came for speaking about the risks linked to their jobs, and how to prevent certain situations. For instance, the djs may have problems because of the high level of music and graffiti writers problems in their hands and fingers because of spray can. She suggests good alimentation, yoga and meditation to relax the body and the mind.