UA&SE Training Course Diary Day 11: 21 February 2017

Today the training sessions took place in the headquarter of Iniciativa Internacional Joven. We started with an energizer proposed by one of the participant, it’s called “pelea de gallos” and the main aim is to motivate others.

The trainer introduces the space where we are and the Cultural Centre “El Cónsul” that was born as a social project for the inclusion of Gypsy children and young people. She spoke about the history of the centre and how it progressed from small summer camps to a professionalised NGO with several local, national and internacional projects.

Subsequently, each participant has to choose the closest value to him/her, she/he has to write it on a paper and leave it on the ground. After having chosen their value, they have to create groups of 4 people to put together similar values. After that, they make a social project having as a basis the values they chose with guidelines on name, slogan, place, activities, and they need to expose it. Last but not least, the expert entrepreneurial technician Daniel Núñez explains how to build a company and underlying that creativity is the main element to take into account.

During the afternoon we had a workshop about creative thinking and the way and things we can do to improve it. Today we learnet that creative is not just the base of urban art but also of social entrepreneurship in general.