UA&SE Training Course Diary Day 13: 23 February 2017

After the great visibility activity of yesterday, the day starts with the energizer “Sigueme”, where one of the participants makes choreography to activate the whole group and others have to follow him/her. Subsequently, the Manager of cultural services and events Antonio Troyano, introduces his professional expertise on how to make a plan, organize, and celebrate an event. The main point he mentions are:

  1. Being creative;
  2. Having a diagnosis of the work;
  3. Know the beneficiaries and adapt to them;
  4. Experience is fundamental;
  5. Establish clear goals and methods to measure success and return on investment.

It’s interesting that participants can put it into practice during the final event of UA&SE Training Course and for local activities II they will do in their countries. During the afternoon, participants divided into small groups, started to work on the four workshops they will implement in their countries. Workshops are about social pedagogy, social inclusion and transformation, healthy lifestyle and risk prevenion, and different techniques of urban art.