UA&SE Training Course Diary Day 16: 26 February 2017

The day of the final visibility event of our project has arrived.
After the preparation and reconditioning of the space, we could open the door and let local population enjoying workshops about urban art. In particular we had a workshop of hip hop, a workshop of breakdance, two workshops of graffiti (one basic and one advanced) and one workshop about rap and music composition.

During the afternoon, we could enjoy with a big show of urban art, dancers were in the Auditorium for a contest and during the breaks our rap singer, Eskarnia and Julia Martín presented their showcases, outside we had our graffiti writers and in the entrance members of our team were providing information about the project, Erasmus+ programme of the European Union and how urban art can be used as a tool for social entrepreneurship and inclusion. 

A great dayeven if the commong feeling was that the training is almost finished and it’s time for saying goodbye to all local urban artist and population our participants know during their stay.