Let’s start our project “Urban Art & Social Enpreneurship”

We welcome our followers! With great excitement we share the headline of our first 2016 activity within the project “Urban Art & Social Entrepreneurship”. From Guatemala City we will show the fusion between hip hop culture and social entrepreneurship for the benefit of young people. Europe and Latin America united under the same cause … connecting and inspiring.


We will post information about our activities as well as images of what is happening.



One thought on “Let’s start our project “Urban Art & Social Enpreneurship””

  1. Dios bendiga a la iniciativa y a todo el que por el es posible se realice este evento tan grande e importante para la cultura urbana de la ciudad y en especial para la cultura HH de Guatemala.
    Personas soñadoras con oportunidades son: personas triunfadoras.

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