Local Activities Realized in Málaga, Spain

The phase of Local activities II was planned, coordinated and implemented together by organizations, Joven and El circulo breaking from Málaga. At the time of planning we considered to unify all the activities in several continuous days, so participants could take part in all of them. Therefore, during the weekend between 3rd and 4th of June, we carried out all the workshops (social urban art, integral health of the urban artist, urban art and social pedagogy, artistic evolution in urban art). Each workshop has been taught by two different participants (urban artists) of the Mobility of Youth Workers that was organized in the framework of this project.

To see how urban artists developed themselves as trainers in topics that 6 months ago were quite unknown for them, it was very rewarding and satisfying. During the implementation of these workshops we could verify that they acquired and assimilated the knowledge, skills and attitudes that we proposed during this project.

The evaluation of the artists who participated in these workshops was very positive and valuable for them, as the content taught as well as for the methodology used, they appreciated it because it was very participative, dynamic and funny.

The following day, during the monthly event that is performed by El circulo breaking (Jamonth), we organized the visibility activity of this project. The activity was carried out in the city centre of Málaga, next to the Harbour. At the beginning, we gave general information of UA&SE project and during the break dance competition, we showed pictures of the project to the public, we had interviews with some of the participants, we explained some practical examples of the new competences acquired, and finally we invited them to get more information and follow us on the web and social networks of this project.