Local Activities Realized in Nîmes, France

The local activities II have been built up and implemented by the association Da Storm in Nîmes. We chose to assemble all the workshops (social urban art, social pedagogy and urban art, better faster stronger and artistic evolution in urban art) in one single training day. Thus, we created 2 training days: one targeted towards youth workers, organized on May the 5th, another targeted towards urban artists, organized on June the 28th.

We chose to differentiate those two audiences to better adapt the content of the workshops to the concerned people. That’s why we didn’t focus on artistic evolution in urban art while we were talking to youth workers.

The workshops have been carried out by one of the two artists that participated to the Mobility of Youth Workers. Youth workers especially felt concerned by the concepts relative to social inclusion and the way Hip-Hop could be used to help youth develop themselves personally and professionally. Regarding the artists, they were interested in the way they could use their art to become agent of social change.

Finally, on June the 18th, we lead the visibility activity. We chose to implement it during an event part of our festival to provide more visibility to the project. We could thus present the project and the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union to a wider audience.