Local Activities Realized in Villa Nueva, Guatemala

For the local activities II carried out on the 24th of June in Villa Nueva (Guatemala), data collected in Local Activities I was considered very important, in particular the fact that 45% of the respondents work and live on their talent, both partially or impartially, motivated us to make a specific list of guests for implementing the activities of this second phase. However, we gave more publicity and every person interested could join us. The group of guests was young people that are developing small personal and community projects in the most popular neighborhoods of the surrounding area.

The workshops were unified in one single activity carried out from 9am to 5pm in the building of the Youth Coordinator in Villa Nueva (Guatemala) and the four topics and its content agreed during the Mobility of Youth Workers were included, with any kind of exclusion.

The response of the young people who has been trained and the representative of the Youth Coordinator was highly positive since the information provided was both dynamic and comprehensible, in a language that covered new terms, which were duly explained, as well as in the natural and adaptable lexicon of the local young people, showing great mastery of the terms, concepts, methodology and knowledge useful for all people. The evaluation that the participants gave to this training was rated excellent in terms of organization, punctuality and content quality.