Project Event Program

Our mobility of youth workers project started today. There will be some events during the project; between 11 February-28 February 2017. The events will be based on the topic of urban art and social entrepreneurship, including the workshops, exhibitions, jam sessions, competitions.


You can find the details of the events on the following links of our Facebook page in English and Spanish versions.

15 February 2017: Convivencia Flamenco & Hip Hop

16 February 2017: Arte Urbano & Desarrollo

19 February 2017: Inauguración Pista Minipuntruck

22 February 2017: Neo Block Party

26 February 2017: Final Event


“Urban Art & Social Entrepreneurship” Training Course

If you practice one of the elements of hip hop, if you would like to make your passion for urban art your profession and become an agent of social change, we invite you to participate in an international training course that will be carried out from the 11st to 28th of February 2017 in Malaga.

Urban artists from six different countries (Italy, Guatemala, Cyprus, Portugal, France and Spain) will participate in this course with the aim of improving their artistic and technical skills, helping them to become more professional, acquiring knowledge about social, educational and pedagogical intervention, event organization and management, as well as other interesting topics (integral care and health, gender equality, peace culture, professional ethics, etc.).

The methodology will be active and participative, the learning will be created from the own knowledge and experiences exchanged between participants (from the artistic and personal background of each one) and trainers experts in the subjects.

This training course is part of the project called “Urban Art & Social Entrepreneurship”, co-financed by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. The course will be mainly done in English; therefore, to participate in addition to being an active urban artist, you need to have an intermediate level of that language. To participate in all the activities, you only have to contribute with a fee of 30€, being accommodation, meals and the training course included.

If you would like to participate, do not hesitate to write us and ask for the application form at Places are limited and the deadline for applications finishes on the 20th of January.

Urban Art & Social Transformation at Málaga University

Today, the first activity of our weekend dedicated to urban art took place.

During the table discussion moderated by Ana Belén Domínguez España (General Director of IIJ) and the professional dancer Ventura Díaz (President of the association El circulo breaking), different artists from Malaga shared their experience and their personal and professional trajectory: how they have become well-known artists despite the difficulties, how their passion changed their lives and how urban art and hip hop can be a tool for social change and transformation.

We want to thank the artists who shared their experience with us (the graffiti artists and muralists Lalone and Elalfil, the dancers Lord Zack, Husky Hask and Nerea Valdubieco, the rapper Peatón and the musician Wave), as well as the audience who participated.

Peatón (a rapper and pedagogue) and Lord Zack have been in charge of organizing the free workshops.

Tomorrow, Friday 2nd of December, we are waiting for you at Plaza Esperanza in the neighborhood of Lagunillas with more activities of urban art and social transformation.

Urban Art & Social Transformation

To commemorate the second anniversary of the international  project “Urban Art & Social Transformation” (UA&ST) about the professionalization of the different elements of hip hop, Iniciativa Internacional Joven and El circulo breaking will organize several activities with the collaboration of the Area of Youth and Area of Culture of Málaga City Council.

The UA&ST project was an international training course that has been carried out in Málaga in November 2014 with the participation of 5 European countries (Portugal, Italy, France, Cyprus and Spain).

Thursday 1st of December:
We will meet in the University of Málaga (Faculty of Education Science) where different urban artists will share their experiences, opinions and points of view on topics such as the use of urban art as a tool for social transformation, the development of artistic talents as a motivation for learning, the professionalization of hip hop elements, etc.
During the table discussion we will present the international project we are currently carrying out called “Urban Art & Social Entrepreneurship”. After the discussion, two free workshops have been planned, one about urban dance and another one about literary creativity (rap).

Thursday 2nd of December:
The event “Making the streets happy” will arrive at the heart of Lagunillas neighborhood. At Plaza Esperanza the graffiti writer Naype will show how to paint a graffiti and an All Styles dance battle will take place. A teacher with two of his/her students from different dance schools of Málaga will participate. Through this activity we want to promote the cypher culture among children. You can request the enrollment form at Dj Faylen and Wave are in charge of the music and Lil Dani (from Malaganzters crew), Wish (from Vitoria) and Sothor (from Vengalockers crew) are the judges.

Saturday 3rd of December:
At Artsenal, located in the Pier One (Muelle Uno) of Málaga, the event Jamonth will take place. We will start the afternoon with two free workshops (one of urban dance and another one of graffiti) and after with a 1 vs. 1 breaking competition.
Later, it’s time for JAMONTH. Fredy Cross and Lord Zack are the Masters of Ceremonies of the event and Wave is in charge of the music.

You are invited to join us in all these activities! Get involved!

Let’s start our project “Urban Art & Social Enpreneurship”

We welcome our followers! With great excitement we share the headline of our first 2016 activity within the project “Urban Art & Social Entrepreneurship”. From Guatemala City we will show the fusion between hip hop culture and social entrepreneurship for the benefit of young people. Europe and Latin America united under the same cause … connecting and inspiring.


We will post information about our activities as well as images of what is happening.