UA&SE Training Course Diary Day 12: 22 February 2017

Today the person in charge of the training sessions is ElAlfil (Borja), one of the famous graffiti artist of Málaga, aslo gratuated in marketing and economics. He started asking simple questions to participants like “What do you like to do? What would you like to do for the rest of your life? What do the others need from you?” Then he gives some guidelines to the group about marketing and graphic design.

As practical activity each participant created its own graphic line, visual identity. Some of them already had one and they asked for suggestions, whilst other did it for the first time. It was interesting how ideas came up. Finally, the trainer underlined that to work well it is necessary to create a positive environment where people trust each other. 

Tonight it’s time for another visibility event of our project “Urban Art & Social Entrepreneurship”. Participants are warming up and waiting for the public.