UA&SE Training Course Diary Day 14: 24 February 2017

Today we use the energizer “Cadena del saludo” for starting the day. Participants need to stay in circle and say hi to the person on their right side using a specific movement. The next should repeat the same movement/gesture and add a new one.

Today participants continue to work on the four workshops of Local Activities II, using a very interesting tool for it, the methdological sheet. Even if some of the participants have experience in being teachers they didn’t know it.

At the time of implementing an activity is essential to take into coinsideration, purpose, main objectives and to plan how to reach it through different activities.

During the afternoon, participants went to La Caja Blanca, to see the venue where they are going to carry out the visibility activity of Sunday the 26th. When you organize or take part in a event is important to know the space in advance and consider all your needs. We establiched the rooms for each workshop and we decided how to decorate it. 

Today is also time for the last intercultural night of the training. Italy and Cyprus have to present their typical food and songs. Italians brough Nutella whose main entreprise/owner cames from their town, Andrei also brought typical food from Rumania as it’s his home country and then they showed pictures of Italy and sang the famous song “Bella ciao”. Cyprus participants brought cheese and homemade sausages and showed a video of their country.